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Every successful food business depends on successful farmers. Farmers whose income sustains their way of life, supports their families, educates their children and improves their communities.

We are a collaborative think-do-tank, founded by Mars Incorporated, here to ask the right questions, create solutions and inspire action. To build global supply chains that work for farmers and for business.

We're starting with farmers working in Mars' supply chains in developing countries. But, ultimately, we want to see everyone working in agricultural supply chains earn a sufficient income to enable a decent standard of living.

The Farmer Income Lab and Mars.

Farmer poverty is an issue for the entire agricultural industry, which poses a serious risk to long-term business resilience and growth. If it isn't fixed, Mars and others simply won't be able to buy the raw ingredients — like cocoa, rice and vanilla — that they depend on to create the brands their consumers love.

So the Lab has been founded by Mars as an incubator for insights that can be put into action in through sustainable sourcing strategies that may start with Mars but could extend much further. This is certainly not a one company agenda. It's a challenge that every business who relies on farmers in developing countries faces. And it's one that needs all of us to play a role in solving.